A Stone Bell

Deep and Sonorous, or maybe just a Dull Thud?

Having upgraded to Ubuntu 19.10 everything seemed to be running perfectly for me, but every night Apache crashed. I tried a horrible solution of a cron job to restart it, but that wouldn’t work (I never did get to the bottom of that). It was tedious to restart Apache each morning, but disastrous for one […]

The FastCGIServer used by Apache in earlier versions is no longer available, so we need a slightly different approach. Fortunately the replacement is an Apache internal module, so a lot of the shenanigans we went through to connect Apache & the external CGI server is now unnecessary So firstly there is the basic installation of […]

DSDM defined 21 products to be produced across 5 phases. This was pre-Atern, God knows how many products it has now we have renamed all the phases and added pre- and post- project phases. I don’t think any truly Agile method should divide its steps into five artificial Waterfall-style phases, so it shouldn’t divide its […]

My web server version is Apache/2.4.41 running under Ubuntu 19.10 , so first off, let’s install what’s Apache needs, the MPM (Multi-Processing Module) : apt-get updateapt-get install libapache2-mpm-itka2enmod mpm_itk That’s it, assuming you had a working Apache setup to start with. Then in the configuration files files for each of your sites put AssignUserId www-data […]

Installation A quote for you: “PHP-FPM is a daemon process (with the systemd unit php7.0-fpm.service) that runs a FastCGI server on the socket /var/run/php/php7.0-fpm.sock” – well that’s not entirely true as we’ll see in a minute, but it does state the main thing which we are trying to achieve, that is to get Apache to […]

As explained elsewhere (on 4xtra and HMW‘s websites) we have discovered a need (if that’s the right phrase) to run each of our sites hosting a PHP based system as separate users, not as the default Apache user. This has involved a lot of searching around on the Internet. Fortunately a lot of the instructions […]