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Resolving the Apache crash

Having upgraded to Ubuntu 19.10 everything seemed to be running perfectly for me, but every night Apache crashed. I tried a horrible solution of a cron job to restart it, but that wouldn’t work (I never did get to the bottom of that).

It was tedious to restart Apache each morning, but disastrous for one client: I’m based in London, he was in Los Angeles. My midnight is his 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

I tracked the crash down to a segmentation fault, which after a bit of poking around was being caused by rolling to the new day wile Apache’s built in PHP & the PHP-FPM code were both running. I didn’t want to lose the advantages of FPM so I raan

a2dismod php7.2

Yup, I stopped Apache’s own module & just ran with FPM. IT seems very odd to me, but it works

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